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The Captain's Restaurant is located at a prominent position in the center of Valtos beach. Valtos, whose official name is Chrysogiali, is the most organized beach of Parga and one of the most popular on the West Coast. As you enjoy your meal, coffee or drink at the restaurant, you face the Venetian Castle of Parga eastwards and the Byzantine Monastery of Vlacherna in the West, against the backdrop of the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. If you are lucky and you come here one day with a clean atmosphere, under the guidance of the Captain you will notice on the horizon the mountains of Lefkas, Kefalonia & part of Ithaki.

The Captain's Restaurant is a family run business and has been at this place since 1967, when it began operating as a "cook house". Back at that time there was no tourism in the wider area and Captain’s was the only store in Valtos beach. In particular, all the land on the coastline were olive groves, which the natives despised as the gulls ate the fruits of the olive trees. The Captain then decided to use his own premises in order to cook his daily fish for the locals. With the same principles and values since then, using primarily pure raw materials from the wider region, we continue to develop three-generation recipes, offering high quality to its true value.

What We Offer

Everyday at Captain's

  • We are Cooking Daily

    using pure raw materials from the wider region

Fresh Food

At Captain's you will enjoy three-generation recipes and fresh quality products at their true value

  • Free Sunbeds and Umbrella

    just order your drinks

Beach Service

We offer soft drinks, beverages, iced beers, coffees, cocktails, snacks, sandwiches, finger food and pizzas just at your sunbed!

  • During not busy hours

    or for the next day

Particular Orders

Our chef is happy to prepare tailor made dishes, based on the ingredients we have available, as far as it is not a busy hour...

  • Only for customers

    Ask the waiters to open the door for you

Private Parking

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  • Did the Captain went fishing today?

Fresh Fish & Seafood

Everyday we offer fresh Seabream and other seafood like mussels, shrimps and squid. But you should also ask if the Captain went fishing daily!

Captain's Crew

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  • Sea Food everyday

  • Mussels Steamed

  • King Prawns Grilled

Cooking Daily

Stuffed Lamb

This is what happens to the lamb's hand if it digs for the potatoes!

Seasonal Fruit Salad

Between May and October, many different fruits grow in our area. Some of those are: Apples, Bananas, Pears, Strawberries, Peaches, Melon, Watermelons and of course Oranges.

Fresh Fruits Everyday

Our Specials

Everyone's Favorite Recipe

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